That’s My Daughter “It Takes Tuna Tango” CD


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That’s My Daughter “It Takes Tuna Tango” CD



Okay, so this is here. This is definitely not a blues album, so you know. But, I was in a band a million years ago (lol, that’s one of our songs). it was really fun. I found a box of our CDs in the basement, and figured someone out there might want to get their hands on a copy.

Here’s a little honest review about it from the RFT:

…and another from Razorcake:

THAT’S MY DAUGHTER: It Takes Tuna Tango: CD

Track Listing

1 A Million Years Ago

2 I Fell

3 Butch in Springtime (song originally by Sexicolor)

4 Superman

5 Kojak

6 What a Mess

7 Rev it Up

8 SOS (song originally by the Welders)

9 Up Til Dawn